How to collect group payments online with Crowded 💵

Looking to manage and collect payments online for your nonprofit group? Keep reading…

Step 1: Choose your amount

To begin, enter the amount you would like each person to pay. If you would like payers to cover the collection processing fees, click on the checkbox below the amount field.

If you leave this field empty, your collection will be for an open amount. Your payer will choose how much they would like to contribute.

Create an online collection payment link with Crowded
Create an online payment Collection link on Crowded

Step 2: Create a collection name

This name will allow you to identify the purpose or event that you are collecting payments for.

tip: Be sure to choose a clear and descriptive name that will be easily recognizable to your payers.

Add a name to your online payment collection link
Add a name to your online payment collection link

Step 3: Share your collection link

Once you have entered the collection amount and created a name, you can share your collection link with your contacts 🎉

Here are a few ways to share your collection link:

1. Copy n' paste:

You can copy the generated collection link and paste it into your preferred communication channel, such as email, messaging apps, or social media.

share created collection crowded

2. Crowded email:

If you’ve uploaded contacts to Crowded, you can use our built-in email feature to send the link to your payers.

Simply select the contacts you wish to notify, compose your message, and include the collection link within the email body.

tip: If you only want to send to a certain subsection of your group, use tags to organize your contacts, and only send to tagged contacts.

sharing collection link options on Crowded: email

3. QR code

Share your collection link with a QR code. Download or screenshot the QR code and share with your payers. 

tip: Place the QR code on a printed poster or card to allow sharing of your link offline

collection created crowded
share qr crowded

Be sure to provide clear instructions to your payers regarding the purpose of the collection, the payment amount, and any additional details they may need to know to avoid confusion.

That’s it! You have successfully created your Crowded collection link and learned how to share it with your contacts.

Now you can easily collect payments from your group online 💸

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