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What is Crowded?

Crowded is a financial platform that offers nonprofit membership groups easy ways to collect, spend and manage money online. 

Some of our standout features include:

  • FDIC pass-through, insurance-eligible accounts* with no fee to open and no minimum balances, and FDIC insurance available on deposits up to $250k.

  • Easy digital officer handovers.

  • Digital & physical Visa® debit cards with budgeted amounts for group member expenses.

  • Unified banking for multi-chapter organizations.

  • Payment collection links for dues, member fees and donations.

To set up a Crowded account for your group in minutes, create a free account online or book a demo with one of our team members for any questions or additional support.

With Crowded, you can avoid constantly transferring funds between payment apps and banks to access your group’s money. Utilizing embedded finances, Crowded enables your group to bank, collect, and spend with just one platform.

We charge little to no fees.

When collecting funds through Crowded, you’ll have the flexibility to decide whether to cover processing fees or let your payers handle them. When we do charge fees, they are fair and competitive with industry standards.

We provide extra fund protection.

Unlike payment collection apps, funds you keep on Crowded are protected with FDIC pass-through, insurance-eligible accounts*, and our bank accounts are completely free to set up – we don’t have any minimum balances or subscription fees.

Crowded is available for use by any membership group or nonprofit organization.

We work with a wide range of nonprofit groups, from national fraternities and sororities to individual booster clubs, PTAs, summer camps, sports teams, girls and boy scouts, and college clubs.

If you’re unsure whether Crowded would be the right fit for your group, schedule a time to speak with one of our team members here.

No. To sign up for Crowded’s platform and use our passive fundraising feature, you do not need an EIN.

If you would like to open a Crowded banking account, you will need an EIN. If your group currently does not have one or needs help locating or updating your EIN, Crowded’s team can help

Crowded accounts are free to set up – we have no minimum balances or subscription fees.

What do we charge for?

When collecting payments, we charge 2.99% of the collection amount if paid by card and the lesser of 2.99% or $5 for ACH payments.

You can always choose whether you want to cover these fees or ask your payers to handle them.

View our pricing page here.