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Where PIKE started

PIKE was on the lookout for a banking partner. 

As a fraternity with hundreds of thousands of members, it was crucial for PIKE to find a banking partner 
that they could rely on. They had a partnership for online dues collection, but there was 
still a missing piece – banking.

PIKE needed answers to these questions:

  • Where should the money collected from dues be stored?
  • How can we ensure that our funds are secure across our chapters?
  • How can reimbursements be most efficiently dealt with from chapter event purchases?
  • How can we ensure smooth treasurer officer handovers from year to year.

Continuing without a banking partner could lead to big inconveniences down the road.

  1. Treasurer handovers – If a chapter treasurer graduated, and didn’t manage to hand over his account,  chapter funds could be trapped in their bank account.
  2. A time sink – The time spent by each chapter to figure out their banking situation could waste dozens 
of hours from consulting with nationals, finding a suitable bank, going in person to set up an account,
handing the account over, etc.

How Crowded helped PIKE with their banking 

Once PIKE entered into a partnership with Crowded, many of their initial questions now had answers.

Where should the money collected from dues be stored?

Each participating PIKE chapter created a Crowded account. These chapters could function autonomously as before, but the national level could also step in if needed through Crowded.

How can we ensure smooth treasurer officer handovers from year to year?

Officer account handovers can be completed online through the Crowded platform with a simple and easy process.

How can reimbursements be most efficiently dealt with from chapter event purchases?

Throughout each semester, “Pikes” hosts a variety of events that require hundreds of dollars worth of purchases. For any purchases, chapter treasurers can use Crowded to issue digital debit cards to members, add budgeted amounts and even redeem unused funds back to the chapter account. The money comes directly from the chapter’s account, where all purchases and payments are clearly recorded. The issue of time-consuming reimbursements is solved completely. 

As PIKE transitioned from a 'bank-less' member billing solution to one that required a bank, Crowded was the missing piece to the puzzle. With seamless officer transitions, digital debit cards, and fantastic customer support, it was a no-brainer!

PIKE utilizes Crowded’s integration with GreekBill.

Before PIKE’s banking partnership with Crowded, they already had a solution for online dues collection from their members. This was not a problem for their partnership with Crowded. 

Crowded flexibility allows them to easily flow money from Greekbill into their Crowded accounts.

PIKE can use their prior solution for payment collection and Crowded for their banking. Each brother’s dues payment is collected with the external processor and fed into their Crowded account.

PIKE Foundation fundraises through Crowded Rewards

PIKE’s charitable arm, the PIKE Foundation, just began using the Crowded Rewards platform to raise extra funds for scholarships, college chapters, or their Memorial Headquarters museum and library. PIKE members and supporters can shop from 70K+ retailers on the Crowded Rewards platform where each purchase earns both cashback for the supporter and a donation. With 300,000 “Pikes” out there, they have great potential to raise funds for the PIKE Foundation through the Crowded Shop-to-Give program!

Pike saves 10,000 hours a year
since switching to Crowded

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