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Incorporation services for new nonprofits

Incorporate your nonprofit with Crowded's incorporation service, for the cheapest on the market.

Creating a new nonprofit with Crowded:

Open a Nonprofit Bank Account

Open a Nonprofit Bank Account

Sign up for a free* nonprofit bank account with Crowded with basic info about your organization.

Get an EIN

Get an EIN

Complete the order form within 2 minutes and expect your EIN in one business day.

Incorporate with Crowded

Incorporate with Crowded

Just provide a name and standard information about your nonprofit and we’ll handle the rest of the incorporation.

Tax exemption services with My Renosi partnering with Crowded

tax exempt

Stay tax exempt org-wide with group exemption services:

990 form

Annual form 990 filing services

file 990 forms

Which Form 990 should my nonprofit file?

Your nonprofit should file...


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We’ll reach out shortly about pricing and timelines, so keep an eye on your inbox.

In the meantime, take a look at our bank accounts that keep nonprofits tax compliant all year long.

Please leave your contact details and we will be in touch about managing your 990 filing.

comply with state level filing requirements

state level compliance

Comply with state level nonprofit requirements

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Crowded partnered with My Renosi to provide the highest level of tax compliance services to Crowded users. Crowded provides compliance services for new nonprofits, EIN and incorporation assistance.

Those seeking assistance with tax-exempt status, 990 form filing and group exemptions will go to the My Renosi website and create an account there for their compliance needs.

We are proud to say that we have the lowest prices on the market!


 New nonprofits/retrieval – $20


New nonprofits- $95

Retrieval – $25

Child entities – free!

If you would like to open a Crowded banking account, you will need an EIN. If your nonprofit currently does not have one or needs help locating or updating your EIN, you can apply for one in our platform. 

Crowded accounts are free to set up – we have no minimum balances or subscription fees.

What do we charge for?

When collecting payments, we charge a small percentage of the collection amount, and our compliance services incur a small fee. See our full fee schedule here.

You can always choose whether you want to cover these fees or ask your payers to handle them.