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The magic of Crowded’s Form 990 filing, is when a nonprofit banks* with Crowded, and when it comes time for the annual tax filing, the nonprofit does not need to go searching for any monthly reports. 

The financial data required for the IRS Form 990 is auto-filled using AI from Crowded data for the nonprofit, making annual tax filing easier and cheaper than ever.

Crowded supports multi-chapter nonprofits in ensuring consistent compliance across every subordinate chapter. For the HQ and national nonprofit partners, we provide:
  • Comprehensive support for group exemptions
  • Recovery of off-course chapter accounts
  • Tailored tax exemption application assistance for each chapter
  • Annual Form 990 filings
  • EIN setup and ongoing management for individual chapters
  • Expertise in nonprofit incorporation.

Crowded accounts are free to set up – we have no minimum balances or subscription fees.

What do we charge for?

When collecting payments, we charge a small percentage of the collection amount, and our compliance services incur a small fee. See our full fee schedule here.

You can always choose whether you want to cover these fees or ask your payers to handle them.