add or schedule funds to grant accounts easily with Crowded

how it works:

Allocate funds into grantee accounts in a few clicks

usage options

Easy grant reporting for grantees

centralized finances

Manage all your grantmaking centrally

mobile payments

Tap to pay anywhere for grantees

quick secure mobile payments with Crowded
in app currency transfer with Crowded

International transfers

Award grants internationally, comply locally

account security

Relax knowing grant funding is secure

Crowded Banking is FDIC insured, with fraud alerts and two factor authentication

See Crowded's grantmaking payments solution in action

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Your questions,

Crowded integrates with Quickbooks, Xero, and some other providers. For the full list, get in touch with us.

Yes, an organization can specify which types of merchants they would like to limit their recipients from spending at. For example, liquor stores and gambling can be banned.

No, with Crowded’s debit cards, grantees can only spend what they are allotted by the grantor.

Yes, grant account holders can transfer their money with an outgoing ACH into an external bank account. 

Crowded’s international transfer service will also be available in Summer 2024.

Note: Crowded’s grant reporting feature will not be available for funds transferred out of the account.