About us

We're making group finances effortless

Crowded’s digital banking platform, available on web and mobile, simplifies financial management for nonprofit clubs and groups. We offer integrated tools for seamless officer transitions, passive fundraising, group expense tracking, payment collection, and donations. With our unique embedded banking system, Crowded consolidates your transactions, removing the hassle of juggling funds across platforms and providing group leaders with enhanced financial oversight.

Use Crowded to manage your nonprofit groups finances

Our mission

We believe that groups deserve modern banking tools that meet their needs. That’s why we’re building a range of flexible and affordable banking solutions designed specifically for nonprofit groups. We offer customizable account structures and online banking services to make managing finances easy and stress-free for groups.

Our Values


Every financial action on our app is as easy as posting on Instagram. Any group volunteer can easily run our platform.


You don't need to be a certified accountant to manage your group's money. We make storing, collecting, and spending group funds easy to understand and control.


With our FDIC-insured banking partner, we make it possible for you to feel assured that your funds are safe, secure, and stored responsibly. 

Crowded’s app gives clubs, associations banking flexibility

“Crowded co-founder and CEO Daniel Grunstein told TechCrunch that the company designed its app for the specific needs of club treasurers…”


Our team is passionate about making banking and financial management accessible to nonprofit groups.

Daniel Grunstein
Daniel Grunstein
Co-Founder and CEO
darryl gecelter
Darryl Gecelter
Co-Founder and CRO