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Maximize the potential of your marching band with a financial management platform that will allow you to seamlessly collect payments and track band spending.

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Stay organized with collections for any band activities

Create a collection link to collect dues from your members

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Create an online payment collection link in 1 minute

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The Crowded Platform

Get a clear picture of the band's finances

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Collect payments straight from your phone

Collect multiples of your collection

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Buyers can pay for multiple items at once

Issue budgeted Cards

Spend from where you collect with debit cards

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Turn everyday shopping into donations

Register the marching band for Crowded Rewards.
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Get 50% of the cashback earned by supporters.
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Crowded is a financial platform that offers marching band leaders an easy way to collect, spend and manage money online. 

With Crowded, you can avoid constantly transferring funds between payment apps and banks to access the marching band’s money. Utilizing embedded finances, Crowded enables you to bank, collect, and spend with just one platform.

We charge little to no fees.

When collecting funds through Crowded, you’ll have the flexibility to decide whether to cover processing fees or let your payers handle them. When we do charge fees, they are fair and competitive with industry standards. Our bank accounts are completely free to set up – we don’t have any minimum balances or subscription fees.

When the marching band leader needs to spend, they can spend from the same place where they collect. 

Venmo & Paypal? Great for friends, not for your marching band. Here’s why Crowded is the better app for collecting dues & for events:

  • Built for Organizations: Manage all your group’s finances in one platform. Create organized collections, track incoming payments, send reminders, and see who’s paid at a glance. 
  • Tax-Friendly: Don’t worry about unexpected tax liabilities with Crowded. In 2025, collecting over $600 will result in extra reporting requirements for users of Venmo/PayPal/Zelle. With Crowded, no extra reporting is required!

Crowded accounts are free to set up – we have no minimum balances or subscription fees.

What do we charge for?

When collecting payments, we charge 2.99% of the collection amount if paid by card and the lesser of 2.99% or $5 for ACH payments.

You can always choose whether you want to cover these fees or ask your payers to handle them.

View our full fee schedule here.

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