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Streamlined finances
for multi-chapter organizations

Crowded offers a unified platform that consolidates finances
for multi-chapter organizations, providing insights at the HQ level
while maintaining chapter independence.

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Enjoy the benefits of unified banking* across chapters


Complete annual tax exemption support

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Get full visibility into all your chapters in one place

Custom debit Cards

Elevate your organization with white-labeled cards

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Raise funds for your organization while your members shop

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Crowded is a financial platform that offers membership groups easy ways to collect, spend and manage money online. 

Some of our standout features include:

  • Accounts that are free to open with no minimum balances
  • Quick and easy online officer handovers.
  • Digital Visa® debit cards with budget limits for group member expenses.
  • Unified banking* for multi-chapter organizations.
  • Payment collection links for dues, member fees and donations.

To set up a Crowded account for your group in minutes, create a free account online or book a demo with one of our team members for any questions or additional support.

Our platform truly covers it all.

With Crowded, you can avoid constantly transferring funds between payment apps and banks to access your group’s money. Utilizing embedded finances, Crowded enables your group to bank*, collect, and spend with just one platform.

We charge little to no fees.

When collecting funds through Crowded, you’ll have the flexibility to decide whether to cover processing fees or let your payers handle them. When we do charge fees, they are fair and competitive with industry standards. Our bank accounts* are completely free to set up – we don’t have any minimum balances or subscription fees.

Crowded is a financial platform that offers multi chapter membership groups easy ways to collect, spend and manage money online. 

Specifically for multi chapter organizations, Crowded’s banking dashboard allows the national/regional level to maintain oversight over their subsidiary chapters’ finances.

Instead of each of their subsidiaries maintaining separate bank accounts that the national level has no access to, with Crowded each chapter is organized under the main organization. This is better for 2 reasons:

  1. In the case of a defunct chapter or botched officer handover, the national level can step in easily through the Crowded platform.
  2. Maintaining chapters under a single address makes compliance with IRS group exemption guidelines much easier. 

Organizations can also raise extra funds through Crowded Rewards, where their supporters donate with ever purchase. 

Crowded supports multi-chapter nonprofits in ensuring consistent compliance across every subordinate chapter. For our HQ and national nonprofit partners, we provide:
  • Comprehensive support for group exemptions
  • Recovery of off-course chapter accounts
  • Tailored tax exemption application assistance for each chapter
  • Annual Form 990 filings
  • EIN setup and ongoing management for individual chapters
  • Expertise in nonprofit incorporation.
Absolutely! Crowded provides compliance services including:
  • Filing of Form 990
  • Support for tax and group exemption processes
  • EIN setup and upkeep.
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