How to Get an EIN with Crowded: New or Retrieval

How to spend all of the money that you have collected or transferred into Crowded…

Within the sign-up process for a Crowded bank account, you can apply for a new or to retrieve an Employer Identification number (EIN).

An EIN is required for a bank account with Crowded (or for any other business bank account) to verify your organization’s legitimacy and compliance with tax requirements.

Check out our blog: What is an EIN to learn more.

Here’s a video for the EIN signup process:

How to get or retrieve an EIN on Crowded

1. Go through the Crowded bank account sign up flow. 

2. Where it asks for your nonprofit’s EIN, check the box “I don’t have one.” 

3. Complete the rest of the bank account sign up flow.

4. The EIN signup will then pop-up on your screen. 

Apply for an EIN with Crowded for ultimate nonprofit compliance
Get a new EIN or Retrieve an EIN with Crowded

5. Tick the box that gives Crowded consent to apply for an EIN

to the IRS on your behalf and click ‘Get an EIN’

6. Select the option that fits your needs

Either ‘My organization doesn’t have an EIN’ if your organization doesn’t have an EIN, or ‘My organization has an EIN, but I don’t know it’ if your organization has lost your EIN. 

7. Fill in your payment information

Pay $20 for an EIN with Crowded, cheapest prices on the market

And that’s it! You will receive your EIN in your email within 1-2 business days.


New EIN: $20

EIN Retrieval: $20

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