How to use Crowded for free

Money doesn’t grow on trees – so we wanted to give our users the hacks of how they can use Crowded without spending anything.

1. Signing up 

It’s free, make sure you have all of your organization’s information handy; EIN, Legal Entity Name, and Business Address.

2. Depositing funds

When you deposit funds into your Crowded from an existing bank account, transfer through ACH instead of by wire transfer or check for no fees.

3. Creating Collections

When you create a collection, make sure to select the option “have payers absorb processing costs.” This will have your supporters/members covering the fee so your organization doesn’t incur any. 

Create an online payment Collection link on Crowded

4. Creating Debit Cards

Create unlimited virtual debit cards for free for your members. There are no costs associated with creating a virtual debit card or using it to spend (within the US). Your organization can spend your funds as you wish! Virtual cards are also much less prone to fraud, and loss. 

5. Avoiding Charges

Avoid spending through ACH or check and use a digital debit card instead. Sending an ACH  or check comes with a fee (check our fee schedule for the updated feed). If you need to make a transaction of more than $5k, issue multiple virtual debit cards to make a transaction in $5k batches.

6. Withdrawing Cash

If you need to withdraw cash, do so at any Allpoint Network ATM, located around the country for free

7. Depositing Cash

To deposit cash into your account for free, check the Allpoint ATM locator to see where there is an atm that accepts cash deposits near you! Note, you will need a physical debit card for this.

deposit cash at select atms

8. Earning Free Donations

Sign up for Crowded Rewards and earn free donations for your nonprofit! Its a shop-to-give cashback program at 100,000 merchants such as Walmart, Nike, any other brand you can think of. Cashback is split 50-50 between the person spending and your organization.

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