How to Spend Money with Crowded 💸

How to spend all of the money that you have collected or transferred into Crowded…

There are a few ways to manage your organization’s spending with Crowded— Admin Cards, Spending cards and Per Diem cards. Pay with physical and digital debit cards, outgoing ACH, and checks. 

Crowded Visa debit cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted (both in the USA and internationally).

Here’s when to use one type of card versus the other:

Spending cards

Issue a contact in your organization a spending card for items the group needs, like meeting snacks, group gifts, bills, travel expenses, and the list goes on.

Issue them a digital or physical debit card with a certain amount of money, get a digital receipt as soon as they make a purchase, and track all transactions made with Spending cards in on the “Transactions” tab of the Crowded dashboard.

Spending cards can eliminate the need for handing members loose cash or shared card for purchases. Also, no reimbursements necessary!

The contact cannot transfer the funds on a Spending card out of their Crowded account, and the admin can redeem the leftover funds on the Spending card at any point. 

Admin cards

Admins of a Crowded account are automatically issued a digital debit card with the total balance of the Crowded account. This allows for free spending of the group’s budget for the administrator. If the Crowded account has multiple admins, the other admins can see all purchases made with Admin cards.

Per Diem cards

Utilize Per Diem cards when your organization wants to make a payment to an individual for their sole use and benefit. The Per Diem cardholder can make a (free and instant!) transfer to another Crowded account, or ACH to a US bank account. The transactions made on a Per Diem card do not show up in the organization’s transaction history but can be accessed in a monthly statement.

Physical Debit Cards

Order physical debit cards through the Crowded platform that are connected to an Admin card, Spending card or Per Diem card.

Options for a physical card:

Contactless – Lightweight, Tap & Go supported – $8

Premium – Heavyweight card, glossy finish, Tap & Go supported – $10

Create your own 🎨 – Get in touch with us

After ordering your card arrives, follow these steps to activate it and you’re ready to spend!

Withdraw cash for free at any AllPoint network ATM. Certain AllPoint+ Cash Deposit ATMs allow for cash deposits with a physical debit card.

Digital Debit Cards

Digital debit cards are a Crowded user’s best friend! They are auto-issued to account admins, and anytime a Spending card or Per Diem account is created.

Admins can issue unlimited digital debit cards that are either for organization (Spending cards) or personal spending (Per Diem cards) to help your organization manage spending.

Any contact in the organization on Crowded can be issued a digital debit card. The admin can add or subtract funds from that card instantaneously from the main checking account.

Once a digital debit card is issued, the cardholder will need to add the card to their virtual wallet so they can make in-person purchases or use the card number to shop online.

See how easy it is to add funds to a contact’s card:


Follow these steps to add your Crowded Digital Debit card to your Apple or Google Wallet.

Outgoing ACH

Easily send ACH transfers from the Crowded main dashboard to anyone, if you are the account admin.

Input the bank details of the desired destination US bank account, and the money will be available in 1-3 days.

Send a Check

Issue a check from the Crowded main dashboard digitally, and input all the same information as if you were really writing a check.

Your issued check will be printed out and mailed to the recipient.

Happy Spending 💸

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