How to Spend Money with Crowded 💸

How to spend all of the money that you have collected or transferred into Crowded…

There are several ways to manage your organization’s spending with Crowded— physical and digital debit cards, outgoing ACH, and checks. Crowded Visa debit cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted (both in the USA and internationally).

Physical Debit Cards

Order physical debit cards through the Crowded platform, one at a time, or in bulk.

Options for a physical card:

Contactless – Lightweight, Tap & Go supported – $8

Premium – Heavyweight card, glossy finish, Tap & Go supported – $10

Create your own 🎨 – Get in touch with us


After ordering your card arrives, follow these steps to activate it and you’re ready to spend!

Withdraw cash for free at any AllPoint network ATM. Certain AllPoint+ Cash Deposit ATMs allow for cash deposits with a physical debit card.

Digital Debit Cards

Crowded offers unlimited digital debit cards to help your organization manage spending by other members.

Use these cards to spend on items the group needs, like meeting snacks, group gifts, bills, travel expenses, and the list goes on.

Digital debit cards can eliminate the need for handing members cash or physical cards for purchases. Also, no more reimbursements necessary!

Any contact in the organization on Crowded can be issued a Digital Debit card. The admin can add or subtract funds from that card instantaneously from the main checking account.

The card holder will be able to shop in-person using their virtual wallet or using the card number to shop online.

See how easy it is to add funds to a contact’s card:

Each account administrator also automatically receives a digital debit card. You can view your card details in the “Card” section on the web portal or mobile app.

Follow these steps to add your Crowded Digital Debit card to your Apple or Google Wallet.

Outgoing ACH

Easily send ACH transfers from the Crowded main dashboard to anyone.

Use this ACH transfer as you would with any other bank, and the money will be available in 1-3 days.

Send a Check

Fill out a simple form from the Crowded main dashboard that requires all the same information as if you were really writing a check.

Choose between getting a printable PDF check, digital check or a check in the mail. Whatever is most convenient!

Happy Spending 💸

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