9 unique fraternity fundraising ideas

9 creative fundraising ideas for a successful fraternity fundraising strategy

Fundraising has become increasingly difficult for fraternity chapters for a multitude of reasons. Fraternities do not usually have a direct charitable cause, making donors more likely to support causes that help society in more substantial ways.

To alleviate this hesitation, it’s important to come up with creative fundraising concepts. In this article, we’ll explore nine easy fundraising ideas for fraternities, along with helpful tips for managing the funds you collect.

Why fraternity fundraising is important

Fundraising efforts serve a higher purpose by supporting important causes and giving back to the community. As nonprofit organizations, fundraising is crucial for the financial flow and continuation of your goals as a fraternity or sorority.

The benefits of creative fraternity fundraising ideas

Traditional fundraisers are out; modern events garner more support and leave a lasting impact.

Fraternity-focused ideas can engage college students effectively, creating memorable experiences while raising funds. Let’s dive into some fun and effective fundraising ideas tailored for fraternity chapters.

9 Creative fundraising ideas for fraternities

Event-based fundraising ideas:

1. Charity Golf Tournament ⛳

Organize a golf tournament at a local course. Participants pay an entry fee, and you can secure sponsorships from local businesses. Offer prizes for various categories to encourage participation.


2. Charity Poker Night ♣️

Host a poker night where participants pay an entry fee to join the game. There can also be a small spectator fee as well. Provide snacks and drinks, and offer a prize for the winner. This event can attract a large crowd and raise significant funds while providing a fun and competitive atmosphere.


3. Fraternity BBQ Cook-Off 🌭

Organize a BBQ cook-off where teams compete to create the best barbecue dishes. Charge an entry fee for participants and sell tickets to attendees who want to taste and vote on the dishes. Include music, games, and other entertainment to create a lively event.

Merchandise-Based Fundraising Ideas:

4. Customized Apparel 👕

Design limited-edition apparel and accessories. Sell them at a premium price to members and alumni. This can be done with minimal upfront costs by using print-on-demand services.


5. Custom Fraternity Glasses 🍻

Design and sell custom drinkware such as stainless steel tumblers, beer mugs, and shot glasses featuring the fraternity’s logo and colors. These items can be sold at events, online, or through local businesses.

Service-Based Fundraising Ideas:

6. Moving Services 🚛

Help students and community members with moving services. Offer manpower for loading and unloading moving trucks, packing and unpacking items, and assembling furniture. This service is in high demand at the beginning and end of school terms.

7. Event Staffing 🍽️

Offer fraternity members as staff for local events, such as parties, weddings, and corporate events. Services can include bartending, serving food, setting up, and cleaning up after the event.

Digital Fundraising Ideas:

8. Virtual Masterclasses and Workshops 👨‍🚒

Host online masterclasses or workshops led by industry experts or successful alumni. Charge a participation fee and promote through social media and fraternity networks. These can be on various topics like career advice, cooking, or fitness.


9. Business Buddies 🎒

Partner with local businesses for a win-win opportunity. Your fraternity members can promote these businesses on their social media accounts and your official social media channels – from shoutouts to exclusive discounts, the collaboration benefits both parties. Businesses gain exposure, while your fraternity raises funds through commissions or a percentage of sales.

Managing fraternity finances with less effort

Frats need a way to collect and manage the funds they raise. Crowded simplifies fund collection and management for fraternities and sororities. Efficiently create payment links, use tap-to-pay for onsite collections, and add QR codes to posters for ticket sales.

Crowded’s dashboard tracks all fundraising data, helping you see which events were most successful. Collect and manage funds seamlessly in one place, making financial management efficient and stress-free.

In the world of fraternity fundraising, creativity is key. Embrace innovative ideas, raise money for good causes, and manage your funds responsibly.