How to fund your Crowded account

When you’re getting started with your Crowded account, its important to have some funds to start with. Get funds into your account either by linking an existing bank account, receive an ACH transfer, deposit a check or create a collection link through the Crowded App.

Link an Existing Bank Account

Crowded uses the Plaid network to integrate an existing bank account with your organization’s checking account.

Whether you want to permanently move away from your existing bank account to digital, branchless banking or simply transition some funds into Crowded, you can link your bank account in a few easy steps:

  1. From the Crowded homepage, select Move Money → Deposit to Crowded.
  2. Enter your Crowded passcode
  3. Search for your existing bank by name
  4. Log in using that bank’s credentials

Transfer money from an external bank account

After you’ve linked your bank account, you can quickly transfer money into your Crowded account.

how deposit funds from a linked bank account into Crowded

Receive ACH Payments

You can set up an ACH payment from your organization’s external bank account or any other account into your Crowded account.

You can access your Crowded Banking account number and routing number from the My Accounts page:

Deposit funds through ACH into your Crowded account

Deposit Checks

Checks can be deposited from the Crowded mobile app only.

From the main dashboard of the app, tap on the three dots below the image of your card and then select “Check Deposit.”

Before entering your check amount and uploading images of your check, please carefully follow the steps below:

  1. Sign – sign the back of your check.
  2. Endorse – Make sure to write “For Mobile Deposit Only At TransPecos Banks,SSB.”
  3. Check the box – If your paper check has a checkbox for mobile deposits, it is also required to check it.

Important: Not all checks are not formatted the same. Some checks will have statements such as, “DO NOT WRITE, STAMP, OR SIGN BELOW THE LINE.” Please follow the instruction outlined above as well as the instructions listed on the back of your check before completing your deposit to avoid rejected checks.

Cash Deposits

If you have a Crowded physical debit card, some USA Allpoint ATMs allow cash deposits with a physical debit card. Search through Allpoint locations and filter to Allpoint+ Cash Deposit ATMs to find the location closest to you!

deposit cash at select atms

Create a Collection 

If your organization is getting started from scratch, or you have no funds to transfer into Crowded, create a collection to collect money from your contacts! Use Collect for dues, event tickets, bake sales, or anything else your group might be collecting for. Check out our guide on creating a collection if you need help.

Happy Banking 💸

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