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Collect money online for dues, donations, events or anything else that comes up from your community. 

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Card payment details for completing collections payments with Crowded.
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Collect Donations

Fundraise with open amount collections

Use Crowded Collect to fundraise and accept donations from nonprofit supporters.
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Payers can pay for multiples at once

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Payers have the option to pay with debit, credit or ACH by clicking the collection link or scanning the QR code

If a payer wishes to complete the payment by check, POS or cash, the admin must approve and can mark that contact as paid.

Cheddar Up provides a great way to collect payments online, but that’s where it ends. Once you collect funds through Cheddar Up, you have to withdraw it to a bank account to use the funds. 

Crowded offers online payment collection, like Cheddar Up, but also provides modern banking services within the app. You can spend the collected funds, track payments, and use Crowded Rewards to raise extra funds for your group!

Crowded is also cheaper. Cheddar Up charges a 3.59% + $0.59 credit card fee while Crowded charges only 2.95%.

With collecting with Crowded, you can avoid constantly transferring funds between payment apps and banks to access your group’s money. Utilizing embedded finances, Crowded enables your group to bank, collect, and spend with just one platform.

Also, we provide fund protection. Unlike Venmo, funds you keep on Crowded are protected with FDIC insurance for up to $250K.

Any nonprofit is welcome to use Crowded’s platform, but the typical users are membership based groups that range from independent clubs to multi-chapter organizations

Not sure whether Crowded is the right fit for your group? Talk to us.

When collecting payments, we charge 2.99% of the collection amount if paid by card and the the lesser of 2.99% or $5 for ACH payments.

You can always choose whether you want to cover these fees or ask your payers to handle them.

View our fee schedule here.

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