About Crowded Rewards

We’re excited to introduce Crowded Rewards, a unique program that combines shopping with giving back. With this shop-to-give program, your nonprofit group can generate passive donations that connect directly to your Crowded account.

Imagine transforming everyday purchases from your members and supporters into funds for your organization, all without them or you spending an extra penny. That’s Crowded Rewards. ✨

🤔How does Crowded Rewards work?

  1. Your supporters can visit the Crowded Rewards website or install our browser extension to access cashback deals at thousands of popular retailers such as Walmart, Macy’s, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Once the user clicks on a brand offer, they get redirected to the brand’s website and can continue shopping as normal with the activated offer.
  2. Half of the cashback is sent directly to your Crowded account, while the other half is sent as a reward to the individual shopper.


🛍️What can your supporters shop for using Crowded Rewards?

Pretty much anything! We offer cashback ranging from 1% to 20% at thousands of popular retailers. Here are a few examples of the shopping opportunities available to your supporters through Crowded Rewards:

  • Online groceries from Walmart, or cashback through Instacart, Blue Apron, HelloFresh, or Daily Harvest.
  • Birthday flowers, cupcakes from Baked by Melissa, or an edible arrangement.
  • Leggings, sportswear, and more from brands such as Lululemon, Alo, or Athleta.
  • Hotels through booking.com, hotels.com, or Expedia, or directly online with Crowne Plaza, Comfort Inn, Hilton, or Marriott.
  • Rental cars from Avis or Alamo.
  • Ski vacation gear rentals at Christy Sports, or outdoor equipment purchases from Dick’s Sporting Goods, Patagonia, or Columbia.

The possibilities are endless!

💵 The potential? Let’s talk numbers.

Earning Potential – With an average monthly spend of $100 per supporter and an average cashback rate of 3%, the earning potential is $3 per supporter per month.

No. of supportersTotal monthly spendTotal monthly cashbackMonthly donation amountMonthly collective supporters’ reward Annual cashback

Now imagine scaling this up as more members join in and shop regularly. That’s a lot of extra funds for you to expand your impact and reach.

Ready to get your Crowded Rewards program up and running? Dive in, explore Crowded Rewards, and let’s start boosting your organization’s budget. Let’s get started!

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