Guide for student athlete per diems 🏀

What’s a Crowded Per Diem account?

A Crowded Per Diem account is an online account where student athletes can easily access their per diems, and spend them however they wish! The money in a Per Diem account is automatically tied to a digital debit card, that can be added to any virtual wallet and used anywhere globally that Visa is accepted. 

Your coach will add funds to each team member’s account ahead of a travel game, and the amount will be automatically added to a digital or physical debit card for easy spending.

Fun features 🎉

  • Free and instant internal transfer between accounts (like Venmo!)
  • Auto-loaded cards with the latest per diem
  • Cards work anywhere in the world Visa is accepted

How to log into Crowded & add a Per Diem card to a virtual wallet

1. Check your email for an invitation email from Crowded. Complete the sign up, and download the Crowded app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store . If your coach pre-registered your phone number, download Crowded and log in using your phone number.

Tip: Enable facial recognition in the “Security” tab of the app for quick log-ins.

2. Once you’ve downloaded Crowded, you’ll be prompted to provide some details and create a 4-digit PIN code. Please keep a record of this PIN.

crowded camps
crowded camps

3. Once you’re in your account, you’ll see the digital debit card tied to your Per Diem account. To add your digital card to your virtual wallet, go to the main dashboard and select “Details,” then click the “Add to Apple Wallet” or “Add to Google Wallet” icons.

4. Start spending your per diem money with your phone!

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how to add a per diem card to your virtual wallet

Crowded per diem account best practices

per diem card virtual wallet

⚖️ Checking your balance

Log in to the Crowded app – you can view your current balance from the main dashboard.

💳 Using your card

Tap to pay at any store or restaurant with your phone, or use online with the card number.

Cards can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted.

📱 Mobile app

Use the app to track your spending, report your card if lost or stolen, and transfer money to an external bank account or to your teammates.

How to transfer money to another teammate

1. From the Crowded main dashboard, click on “Transfer Money”.

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2. To transfer money to another teammate, click the “Within my group option.”

3. Select the team member you’d like to transfer to.

4. Enter the amount for the transfer, and a few words for reference.

5. Double-check the details and click “Pay” to finalize.

internal venmo with Crowded

How to transfer money via ACH to an external US bank account

1. From the Crowded main dashboard, click on “Transfer Money”.

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2. Click “Outside of my group” to make an ACH transfer to an external bank account.

3. Click “Add Recipient” and provide the necessary information (ie. routing number, account number, account type) for the external bank account.

4. Once you enter the bank information, click “Add”.

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5. Complete the verification process by entering your 4-digit Crowded PIN code for added security.

6. After successfully adding the recipient bank account, select it as the destination for your transfer.

7. Enter the amount you wish to transfer from your per diem account to the recipient’s bank account.

8. Double-check the details and confirm to finalize the transfer.

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What are per diem accounts?

Your university has set up a per diem account for you in order to pay you your per diems. A per diem account is a type of bank account that's set up for the benefit of an individual. What's important for you to know? You are the beneficiary of this account, and all funds sent to this account belong to you.

Where can I use my digital or physical card?

Your cards can be used worldwide anywhere where Visa® cards are accepted.

What are the purchase limits for my digital card?

The daily limit for card purchases is $5,000, and it resets at 7:00 p.m. EST daily.

Who do I contact if I need technical help or support?

For technical support, please feel free to contact our support team. You can also take a look at our comprehensive support articles for further assistance.

What should I do if my card has been stolen or lost?

Log in to your Crowded account, and go to your card details. Click on “Report Card Lost or Stolen” and select the relevant option.

For support regarding a Per Diem account at any time reach out to our support team.

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