How to sign up for Crowded Rewards

Crowded Rewards is a shop-to-give fundraising program designed to help nonprofits increase revenue through their supporters’ everyday shopping.

Step 1: Sign up for Crowded Rewards

If you’re a group admin: Log into your Crowded account and sign up for Crowded Rewards under the “Earn” tab on the Crowded platform. 

Once you opt in, you will receive a unique cashback website link for your group.

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How to sign up for Crowded Rewards

Step 2: Share your unique cashback website link

Share your unique link with your group members, family, friends, and supporters. You can do this through  email, social media, group communication platforms, and even in-person gatherings. 

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Step 3: Supporters register and start shopping

Encourage your supporters to register for the cashback site through your unique link.

This is important as it ensures their cashback earnings are correctly attributed to your group. Once registered, they can start shopping using the cashback offers available on Crowded Rewards.


Step 4: Earn cashback and generate donations

As your supporters shop through the cashback website, they will earn cashback on their purchases from popular retail brands.

50% of the cashback earned automatically gets donated to your nonprofit.

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