Tips for raising funds on Crowded Rewards

Tips for your successful shop-to-give program 💸

1. Share your group’s cashback link - everywhere 🔗

From social media to newsletters, make sure your group’s cashback link is easily accessible. This boosts participation and reaches everyone, regardless of how they communicate. Consistent visibility promotes regular use and highlights your fundraising efforts, ensuring no missed opportunities.

2. Track your fundraising progress 🔎

Monitor the cashback earnings generated by your supporters through your Crowded account. This will allow you to keep tabs on your fundraising progress and evaluate the impact of your cashback fundraising program.

3. Don't let your supporters forget 📢

Always remind your supporters register and shop through Crowded Rewards when doing their everyday shopping. Encourage them to download the Google Chrome Extension so they never miss a cashback opportunity.

Remember, the more supporters you have participating in the Crowded Rewards program, the more cashback and donations your group will receive. So, actively promote your unique cashback website link, engage your supporters, and communicate the impact of their contributions.

4. Communicate your success and impact 🗣️

Communicate the milestones you reach, the funds you raise, and the positive outcomes you achieved through their support. This will help maintain enthusiasm and encourage ongoing participation.

5. Leverage all possible marketing channels 🎙️

Promote your Crowded Rewards program through all online and offline channels. Highlight it at club and board meetings, events, and any group interactions. Keep the program at the forefront of discussions!


If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected].

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