9 creative ideas for successful fraternity fundraising

9 creative fundraising ideas for a successful fraternity fundraising strategy

Let’s face it: fundraising has become increasingly difficult for fraternity and sorority chapters.

Asking people to donate their hard-earned money is never easy, which is why it’s important to come up with creative fundraising concepts that engage your audience and make donating feel like an experience for them, rather than a burden.

Fundraising shouldn’t just be about collecting cash; it can be an event filled with creativity, motivation, and energy.

In this article, we’ll explore nine easy fundraising ideas for fraternities and sororities, along with helpful tips for managing the funds you collect.

Why fraternity and sorority fundraising is important

It’s important to remember that fundraising efforts as a fraternity or sorority serve a higher purpose. The funds you raise will be used to support important causes and give back to your community. However, even these altruistic activities come with a price tag. As nonprofit organizations, fundraising plays a vital role in the financial flow of your sorority or fraternity and the continuation of your goals as an organization.

The benefits of creative fraternity and sorority fundraising ideas

Gone are the days of your standard bake sale. Nowadays, sororities and fraternities are coming up with creative ideas that not only generate funds but also leave a lasting impression on their supporters. Let’s explore some unusual, unexpected, and effective fundraising ideas that are sure to generate more funds for your organization and make it enjoyable for those who decide to participate.

Creative fundraising ideas for sororities and fraternities

Event-based fundraising ideas:

  1. Themed Trivia Night: Add some wisdom mixed in with some fun and organize a themed trivia night. Charge an entry fee, have teams dress up in their selected theme – superheroes, animals, college professors, or whatever comes to mind, and test their knowledge on everything from mythology to pop culture. The team that reigns supreme wins a trophy, and your sorority or fraternity earns some cash.

  2. Cuddle-a-Puppy Day: Partner with a local animal shelter to organize a cozy cuddle station on campus, complete with adorable rescue puppies, and charge a fee for students to spend some quality time with these furry stress relievers. It’s a win-win-win: students get their much-needed puppy therapy, your sorority or fraternity raises money for a great cause, and the puppies get a day out, and maybe even find their forever homes.

  3. Wacky Fashion Show: Transform your fraternity or sorority into a themed fashion show. Encourage your brothers or sisters to strut their stuff on the runway, dressed in thrifted themed outfits and wacky accessories. Charge admission and watch as the crowd doubles over with laughter. This event can generate some extra revenue for your fraternity or sorority through ticket and drink sales.

Product-Based Fundraising Ideas:

  1. Sorority or Fraternity Spice Blend: Create a signature sorority or fraternity spice blend and package it in cute, customized jars. Offer your custom-spice at farmers’ markets, local businesses, or campus events. Who knew raising money could be so tasty?

  2. Thrift Boutique: Transform your sorority or fraternity house into a thrift boutique. Gather donated clothing, accessories, and knick-knacks from sisters or brothers, friends, and generous community members. Then, turn your sorority or fraternity living room into a shop where students can purchase affordable reused fashion. Include items for various fashion tastes, from vintage band t-shirts to denim jackets with cool patches.

Service-Based Fundraising Ideas:

  1. Car Wash with a Twist: Give the classic car wash a humorous makeover. Dress your fraternity or sorority members as superheroes or characters from popular movies or fashion-forward combinations from your thrift boutique, and have them perform funny skits while washing cars.

  2. Dog Walking: Help your local pet owners with some dog walking services. Ensure their furry friends get exercise and attention while raising funds for your fraternity or sorority.

Online and Digital Fundraising Ideas:

  1. Business Buddies: Partner with local businesses for a win-win opportunity. Your sorority and fraternity members can promote these businesses on their social media accounts and your official social media channels – from shoutouts to exclusive discounts, the collaboration benefits both parties. Businesses gain exposure, while your sorority or fraternity raises funds through commissions or a percentage of sales.

  2. Cash Back Shopping: Transform your supporter’s and member’s everyday purchases into fundraising opportunities with a cash back rewards program for your fraternity or sorority. Sign up for a cash back program that allows your supporters to donate a portion of their cash back earnings to your organization. With every purchase, your organization earns a percentage back, from groceries to online shopping, every dollar spent becomes a dollar earned towards your fundraising goals.

Crowded offers a simple way to set up a cash back fundraising program with minimal effort. Fraternities and sororities can establish a seamless system where members and supporters earn cash back on purchases at their favorite stores, effortlessly contributing to your organization’s fundraising goals.

What makes Crowded’s program unique is that it enables both supporters and fraternities or sororities to earn cash back. When supporters shop, 50% of the cash back is sent to your fraternity or sorority while the remaining 50% is kept by the supporter. This gives your community an incentive to join the program and shop.

How to manage sorority and fraternity finances with less effort

Once you’ve successfully raised funds for your sorority or fraternity, you’ll need a reliable way to manage them. That’s where Crowded comes in. We offer a comprehensive and user-friendly platform specifically designed to help sorority and fraternity chapters get their finances in order. With features like secure online banking*, payment links for easy payment collection, and digital cards for member expenses, Crowded simplifies the complexities of chapter fund management.

In the world of sorority and fraternity fundraising, creativity is definitely the way to go. So, embrace out-of-the-box ideas, raise money for a good cause, and then make sure to manage your funds responsibly.